Welcome to Duff Funeral Directors of Skerries

T.E.Duff Funeral Directors was established by our father Tommy Duff, who looked after all aspects of the funeral business up until his untimely death (due to a boating accident in Skerries in May 1974). It was after that when our mother Patty carried on the business for three years, until Ronald Boylan (our uncle) who worked with our father from the start, with the help of auntie Teresa took over the business helped by John and Gerard, which brings us to the present day as we continue the Family Business.

We are a long-established, Skerries family firm, long involved and deeply rooted in the community. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of professional care in your time of grief. We guarantee at all times, the utmost consideration, coupled with scrupulous attention to all your wishes and requirements. We will provide a sympathetic consultation in your home or in our funeral home at 89 Strand Street, in the heart of Skerries. We provide here a comforting environment, in a place of dignified calm and gentle support. We will allay all worries you may have about any aspects of the funeral arrangements and endeavour to make the occasion as free of stress for you as possible. We are constantly available throughout this difficult and painful time, to discuss any aspect of the funeral arrangements or any special requirements or anxieties that may occur to you. Do not hesitate to phone or call in.

We guarantee to provide expert service in the dignified preparation of the deceased and in all other matters, up to and after the final laying to rest. We liaise closely with hospitals, hospices, retirement homes, churches, international repatriation, cemeteries, crematoria and local authorities. We can arrange for viewing in the hospital, the family home or in our funeral home, always entirely in accordance with your wishes and those of the deceased.

Do not hesitate to phone or call in. We emphasise that at all times, our focus is on service and your peace of mind.

    We will advise on all legal requirements and any financial assistance that may be available to the bereaved.