Helpful Information


We can facilitate access to counselling and also advice on financial assistance available to the bereaved, to help defray the funeral costs.

You can discuss with us the nature of the inscription on the memorial stone and, if you wish, make provision for future inscriptions.

Should you wish, at any time to discuss pre-planning or pre-payment for funeral arrangements and expenses, do not hesitate to talk to us in complete confidence. You may find that this will give you further peace of mind, in that you will make things easier for your family at what is always a stressful time.

Practical considerations.

Registration of the death. You must obtain a Medical Certificate stating the cause of death, from the doctor who attended the deceased at the time of death. You, or a family member, within three months, must bring this certificate to a Civil Registrar and sign the register in the Registrar’s presence. (A list of addresses of Civil Registration Offices is available on the H.S.E. website No fee is required for this service.) This enables you to obtain the essential and very important, Death Certificate. Make a number of photocopies of this certificate. Keep the original certificate in a safe place, as you will need it in the coming days.

Bereavement Grant. This may be payable, based on PRSI contributions of the deceased or the spouse and subject to certain conditions. You have twelve months to apply for this grant. This may also involve a grant towards the funeral expenses. Consult your Community Welfare Officer. We can direct you as to how to access this information and where to apply.

Pensions. Department of Social Protection. Take note of the PPs number of the claimant and return the book or pension card to the Department with a copy of the Death Certificate. A photocopy should suffice, but in some cases the original may be requested. Make sure that the original is returned to you. In some cases the Department will continue the pension payment for six weeks, to the spouse, partner or carer. Consult the Department website, for further information.

Widow’s, Widower’s and Surviving Civil Partner’s Pension

Contributory: This pension is not means-tested and is based on the PRSI contributions of the claimant or the deceased spouse. It does not affect any other earnings, pensions or means.

Non-contributory: This pension is means-tested and is affected by other income, capital, savings or property.

Grant: If you have dependent children under eighteen, or twenty two still in full-time education, you may qualify for a Widowed or Surviving Civil Partner Grant.


Always take advice from A phone call to the Department or a meeting with your local Community Welfare Officer, can greatly simplify matters. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau will provide invaluable information on entitlements and help available. They will also supply and talk you through, the necessary application forms.

Do not hesitate to phone or call in. We emphasise that at all times, our focus is on service and your peace of mind.

    Just remember that we at Duffs Funeral Directors are always available for advice or a friendly and understanding, chat, if you feel the need during this difficult time.